22 December 2007

2 Things

1. VH1's "Top 100 Songs of the 90s" is rocking my world (at the gym and James' place, where I have VH1 to watch). An epic mix tape is germinating, and it is going to be amaaazing.

2. I saw Pumpgirl tonight at MTC, and loved it. Three stellar performances, and a script that makes you forget you're watching a monologue play, which is no small feat. Masterful direction by Carolyn Cantor (which also helps you forget you're watching a monologue play, giving it action and immediacy), and a gorgeous design. It runs though January 13, and I really urge you to see it. Playbill has a discount for $40 tickets. $25 student tickets are available day-of, based on availability. This was fucking good theatre, funny and engaging and scary, and if there's a way you can see it, you should.

1 comment:

riese said...

I saw like 20 mintues of that 90s songs thing today while packing and i was like "omg, i love teevee," especially when it discussed Sarah McLachlan in earnest.