21 December 2007

Ghost of History Boys Past

I have several problems with the Mamma Mia! movie trailer:

1. Meryl Streep
2. Colin Firth
3. Dominic Cooper
4. Dominic Cooper shirtless
and most importantly, and including all of the above:
5. It really doesn't look terrible.

It actually looks kind of good. I have such an intense loathing for that "musical." I don't quite know how to deal with this.

(Additionally, unabashedly and unconflictedly excited about Martin McDonagh's In Bruges, which is for the part of me that loved Snatch - the movie, dirty minds - and the part of me that appreciates the novelty of hearing Colin Farrel do his native accent. Stop Loss also looks pretty great. I was all, "That's the guy from Step Up. No, it can't be - he's crying. That's too much acting. No, wait, it is!" Yeah, Step Up. I will not be seeing Step Up 2.)

(PS, check out item five. Holy shit.)


isaac said...

weirdest thing about stop loss? there's a character in it named Isaac Butler! Finally, I will be authentically portrayed as a black US soldier!

Johnny said...

It IS that Dominic Cooper?
I also loathe Mamma Mia (have I told you about how Zack and I once managed to almost break up at intermission when he tried to explain to me that it was good theater because it was feeding a market?). But whoa shirtless. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Moxie said...

I've never seen the musical, but the trailer looks great! Amanda Seyfried is about to be a huge star. STAR!

And welcome to my world re:Dominic Cooper. Do you know that he played Will in the His Dark Materials at the National? Hot. So Hot. Someday, he will be mine.

Johnny said...

Having now re-watched the trailer, I'd like to pronounce a vehement THANK YOU to Zac Efron for making tall, lean, barely-post-adolescent and smirkish sexy again. Now our darling Dakin can be the pinup megastar we knew he was that evening in the front row of the mezzanine at the Broadhurst.

Every Wednesday at 1:25 pm he went to the Starlite Deli on 44th and ordered "chuna (that's British for tuna) on a roll with lettuce and cucumbers" and somehow, every Wednesday, I happened to be there too.

Allison said...

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is being made into a movie too. Holy shit. Did anyone else see it at Brown?