14 December 2007

Guest Post! (Sort Of)

This turned out to be a little too sad (true?) to use, but he brought the funny, so I didn't want it to die in my unsent email drafts. But, yknow, I also didn't want my birthday invitation to be 50% about James. So, for your reading pleasure, the email that could have been, but wasn't:

Dear Jaime's "friends",

This is James. You may know me from Jaime's blog, on which I apparently appear as a somewhat sinister but humorous presence constantly assaulting her already-meagre self esteem in an unfailingly justified way. Or you may know me from real life, in which I apparently appear as a charmless but generally reliable friend and colleague. I am writing because Jaime is completely incapable of composing her own birthday party invitation, and having agonizingly watched her stare at a blank computer screen with typing fingers poised for almost an hour, I became frustrated and took over. She is turning 25, which is a lovely age, and she would like to share her enthusiasm for it by bringing you all together this Saturday evening. She is very concerned about this being her own birthday party, so my involvement in it will end completely upon completion of this email, except potentially for my attendance at the party, assuming I'm free. I haven't checked. If I am, I sincerely hope to see you there.



anna said...

i only wish i could be there so i could hug you both.

Johnny said...


triply offensive: 1) content 2) hyphenation 3) british spelling

Aaron Riccio said...

Happy birthday. I guess I've still got ten months to get around the world in less than 80 days.