06 December 2007

If Tom Hollander Does Not Play Drawlight In The Film, I May Boycott

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is an amazing book. James (and Salon) describes it as "Jane Austen meets Harry Potter," but having never read anything by Ms. Austen,* I can't vouch for that. It's a novel about 19th Century magicians written like a 19th Century novel. It's also 1006 pages long. Those things being true, it took me almost 200 pages to start getting into it. I am not so experienced with, nor so enamored of, the style of 19th Century novels. But 200 pages is not so much here, barely getting warmed up, and eventually the starchiness slips away, or you get used to it, and you're left with a huge, sweeping, fantastic novel. I cried twice - once on the subway, once on a platform, but that's what I get for only reading while I commute. I strongly recommend this book, and also strongly recommend reading it in paperback, because the hardcover is really heavy.

*Wuthering Heights took me a month. Not in high school. Last year. I think there are just some time periods (centuries?) I am not meant to read.


Adam said...

Forget how long it took you...the important question is didn't you love Heathcliff a little, even though you hated yourself for it?

Also, I think it's not an entirely fair comparison. Wuthering is really...well...boggy; P&P and S&S dance. I think they're worth a shot if you somehow find yourself in a reading lull.

Allison said...

One of these days, James and I are going to have to hold you down and make you read Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. We won't even let you pee.

The one thing I will say about S&S is that the movie does beat out the book hands down in Emma Thompson's reaction at the end of the movie. Y'all know what I am referring to. I cry just thinking about how perfect her acting is there.