11 December 2007

My Weekend In Pictures

This weekend I was supposed to do this:

though for a while, I did this, instead:

(Btw, very funny, very awesome, go watch them all.)

Unfortunately, when I finally opened this:

it had none of these:

so I have none of these:

And my apartment looks like this:

PS, when I did this:

they would not do this:

and pretty much did this:

so I did this:

But my mom, who is like this:

is doing this:

(Driving to Ikea to get the hardware. Not roadtripping across the Southwest. Though actually she and my stepfather are doing that this summer. Just not right now.)

Mom, thank you. Ikea, not so much.

1 comment:

Crabby McSlacker said...

Awesome post!

I make my significant other deal with all ikea related assemblage.