27 December 2007

On a Scale of 1-to-Radiohole, a Solid 7

Not taking the time to be thoughtful or eloquent, because time is running out!, I'm just going to tell you to go see No Dice at Soho Rep before it closes January 4th. I don't know how to explain what it is - Soho Rep's website says, "Taking hundreds of hours of recorded conversations, they transform them into a mighty, sweaty, and exhilarating celebration of the struggle of daily life. Sandwiches and soda are served nightly before the show." - but I can definitely say that it was awesome. It makes no sense, yet it makes perfect sense. It's weird but it's beautiful. It's dressed like a hipster, yet totally sincere. I might write more - and more thoughtfully - about it later, but I just wanted to get this up here to add to the many voices you're probably hearing telling you to go see this. (The last 99-cent Sunday is sold-out, but I'm pretty sure I heard that the wait list for those (and, I assume, all) performances is very reliable. 99 cents for theatre, a sandwich, and a bottle of water. It's like the theatre and the sandwich are free!)

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