15 January 2008

Ew Ew Ew

Maybe it's Vegetarian Weirdness Day here at Surplus, but I was just poking around on Amazon's "spend $49, save $20" grocery deal (which is limited to the Kellogg's family of brands, so not so useful for me, but I should probably tell CrimeNotes, now that I think of it) and found this:

What the ef is this? I consider myself pretty well-versed in fake meat products, and have never heard of this. And am probably scared of it because it's canned.

There are several other canned fake meat products from these Worthington folks. Burgers, "Saucettes," all canned, mind you, and at once most the frightening and most intriguing of all: Skallops.

Now I think I know how all my meat-eating friends feel. I'll stick to tempeh and lentils, thanks.

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