09 January 2008

God, If Kucinich Doesn't Last Another Month, I Might Actually Have to Decide Between Clinton and Obama When Our Primary Finally Fucking Rolls Around

Today's a sad day for those of us looking forward to an exciting and close contest for our useless late primary protest votes. Governor Bill Richardson, he of the BEST CAMPAIGN AD EVER, has dropped out of the race. Maybe it had something to do with this:

[via Wonkette, duh]

Or maybe it had something to do with how America sucks, or the way our totally fucked up primary system entirely disenfranchises you unless you live in one of, like, three states, or can (and want to) pick up and spend a week in one of those states, campaigning and drinking the Kool-Aid. I want some Kool-Aid.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the deadline for postmarking your voter registration forms . Do it. Your vote counts. Ha. Sorry. Jk, jk. I hope Inwood gives out stickers.

The Upper East Side never gave out stickers.

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