04 January 2008

Spam Poetry II

want to be attractive stop jerking off

had made use of his honest love as a cloak. The despicable creature!

grubs and earn a splendid competence. It hasn't been easy, Dick;fine days, damn him!" Bolles gave one more look at the swiftly-moving

everything became still. Scientists have not yet fully explained whatgood business. But they tell me Warrington used to drop in once in a

across the road. It was not exactly needed, as they were not digging,actress, the thin old spinster and the fat matron, here might they be

at her. There was only one woman in town who sat a horse like this

be with me when the fight comes, but he will have his hands full, and
is so horribly common. I have heard a good many things about her. She
hopelessness of it all. Knowing that he drank from the cup ofkindliness, so rich in faith and hope, that I cried over it, cut it

Mrs. Franklyn-Haldene was one of those fortunate persons who alwaysMrs. Jack did not observe how white he was, how dull his eye, howJack's face. But Mrs. Jack had eyes for no one but John. Her thought

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i don't get it...