10 January 2008

There Are No Pictures On This Post Because I Could Find None of Either Production That Were Actually of The Production I Saw

December wrapped up with a flurry of theatre-going (soon to be chronicled in a top ten of 2007 list, I promise), but Janaury's looming wide and theatreless. Sort of. Two things I saw recently:

Amazons and Their Men
at Clubbed Thumb. My campaigning continues for the Jordan Harrison 2012-2013 season at Signature. This production is proof that his mixed narration sort-of-direct-address style can work, and can work brilliantly. This is a remounting of the production that ran for a week as part of Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks series. It runs until January 26, and I strongly recommend you see it. Fantastic writing and a really wonderful production. Three of the four actors are back from this summer (Satya Babha's off in Chuck Mee world.), and all three performances are even more wonderful. Heidi Schreck, as always, is brilliant and so delightful to watch, and Brian Sgambatti really impressed me with a delicate performance. Director Ken Rus Schmoll deserves a lot of credit for a gorgeous, smart staging. And Clubbed Thumb, keep doing what you're doing. I heart you all.

Parsons Dance at the Joyce. I don't get to see a lot of dance, so when I do it's such a treat. I know enough, from experience and observation, to understand some about the mechanics of what's going on, but it's a world that I'm a complete outsider to, and that's a refreshing break from my theatregoing. I wish I got to see more modern dance - I love it, but it's hard to justify buying tickets when there's so much theatre. I got to see Parsons Dance perform at the Joyce on Tuesday, and it was interesting to see dance that was not in my usual, narrow roster (which is, like, City Ballet and my beloved ZviDance). All of the dancers were fantastic, but there was something squeaky clean, a little bubble-gum, about the choreography and performances. Too many smiles. I like my dance with a little danger, a little sex. (The Stravinsky Violin Concerto is my favorite City Ballet piece. I like "Rubies" best in Jewels. I'm that kind of dance person.) How can there be an entire piece to Brazilian music without *any* sex? On the other hand, one piece, "Caught," was some of the most captivating stage magic I've ever seen. One dancer, one strobe light, and the audience was a puddle of goo. It was awesome. Although, overall, this wasn't my favorite sort of thing (literal, dumbshow miming to 18 minutes of Dave Matthews, although a delightful chance to listen to those songs, was not so good), just getting to watch dancers do their (awesome, impressive) thing for a couple of hours is so wonderful. I need to figure out how to do that more often.

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Aaron Riccio said...

Damn straight about Harrison's style working on "Amazons and Their Men." I'm still working on a review, which is terrible, as I certainly want people to go see this one. Everything that I disliked about "Doris to Darlene" works in "Amazons and their Men."