14 January 2008

Yet Another Argument for Bill Richardson. Sniff.

Feministing led me to this takedown of this really upsetting Times editorial by Lorrie Moore. She may have written one of the best short stories ever, but... yuck. She says, basically, that girls already have enough role models in the form of Nancy Pelosi and a handful of governors. "The political moment for feminine role models, arguably, has passed us by."

I'm sorry, WHAT?

Forget the shitty, stupid argument Moore goes on with, saying that since boys of color tend to drop of out school more than white girls, we should elect a black man to the presidency. The sheer wrongness of this statement kinda makes me honestly want to vomit onto my keyboard. "The political moment for feminine role models, arguably, has passed us by." And then! Obama is "original and of the moment." That's not gross or condescending at all. "He embodies, at the deepest levels, the bringing together of separate worlds. The sexes have always lived together, but the races have not. His candidacy is minted profoundly in that expropriated word 'change.'"

Yeah, the sexes have always lived together, and that dynamic was totes okay. Silly me.

The whole thing is just really abhorrent. It's a shame. I really liked that story.


Susan said...

I've got to know - which Lorrie Moore story is the one you love?

Jaime said...

"People Like That Are the Only People Here." Obvious, sure, but so, so good.

Adam said...

Of the many reasons* I think Obama would be good for this country, I never thought that causing otherwise sharp people (like Moore) say ridiculous things like "[t]he political moment for feminine role models...has passed" would be amongst his failings. The fact that we're even talking about gender (or race for that matter) clearly shows that's not the case. If we didn't have serious work left to do to understand how gender and power interact, it wouldn't occasion comment.

* Admittedly, most of them are cultural...I have serious doubts about him as a Prime Minister, but I just think we're so desperately in need of a charismatic ideologue in the Presidency to remind us that thinking is sexy and good that it doesn't matter. What he's most often criticized for (preaching principles rather than policy) is, I think, the most important thing he has to offer us. Can we just separate the Head of State from the Executive already, so I could pick different people for each?

riese said...

I'm scared to follow your link because I love Lorrie Moore so much that I don't know if I could take it. I mean it, I love her like whoa, like, I just love her. She is my everything. I shouldn't follow the link, right? Like, I should just exist in my peaceful oblivion?

Jaime said...

Riese, yeah, I do think it ruined her for me.