07 February 2008

How's That "Healthy" Vegetarianism Working for You Now, Sicky?

Yesterday I called out sick, and locked myself in my apartment with an endless supply of tea, honey, lemons, ricola, sorbet (they had no fruit pops!), and Thai Kitchen ramen. I drank literally 16 mugs of tea. Today I am back at work, but barely more functional. So, duh, I'll blog, share thoughts with the world. I'm sure I'm hardly less coherent than usual.

Tuesday night, at the beginning of this sickness and in no mood for food, I got to sit and watch my mom eat half a two-person meal at Gobo, which is like taking a starving man to a banquet and saying he cannot eat. That's one of the lamest metaphors ever concocted. I pulled myself together to not force her to see Grace alone, and the theatre staved off illness long enough for me to enjoy the leftovers when I got home. But seriously, that could only have been more depressing if we'd been at Candle 79. At least they had good tea.

Tomorrow night, John and I were supposed to go to dinner at Candle 79. At least that can be rescheduled.

1 comment:

anna said...

thai kitchen ramen is very important to my happiness. specially with an egg and extra chili in it. yes.

hope you feel better soon! candle 79 will wait for you. i was just going on to a friend about angelica kitchen, actually. mmm, dragon bowl.