29 February 2008

In Which I Am a Wuss, But Bring You an Important Message

This is the water bottle they give you when you cry at the dermatologist's office:

I wonder if you get a full-size bottle if you actually have skin cancer, and aren't sitting there laughing while you're crying, pulling that classic, "I don't know why I'm crying! I'm fine!"

Which I actually totally am. I'm just a pussy. And I apparently react really poorly to surprise excisions of small chunks of flesh. This from the girl who not only doesn't mind having blood drawn, but likes to watch. What I thought was a routine follow-up on a biopsy (I swear someone said they'd call if the results were abnormal) was actually a removal of a dysplastic nevus from my chest. Surprise! So, in anticipation of a totally badass scar right under my clavicle, I get three weeks of a band-aid smacked across my chest. (That's actually not as bad as it could be - two weeks ago, when I needed band-aids to cover the biopsy, Duane Reade had a sale on animal-print band-aids, and I haven't yet run through that box.) I'm also now forbidden to, like, ever be in the sun between 10am and 4pm ever again, which makes for a drastic lifestyle change. But for those of you who do spend a lot of time in the sun (or for those of you who, for some reason, go to tanning booths even though you're paler than I am and we have the same skin cancer-prone grandparents, ahem), I urge you to, um, not do that, and to wear sunscreen. Yes, I'm pretty pale (so are you, Marissa!), but I don't burn easily, and even as a kid didn't tend to get lots of sunburns. And yet, and yet. So be careful. The sun is awesome, but skin cancer is not.

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Adam said...

I'm sorry! I've been at the doctor a lot lately-- Almost fainted wed from some blood drawn--so i sympathize. I'm also going through a drastic lifestyle change. Hope yours goes better than mine is.