22 February 2008

Instrucciones Para Cuidar un Bebe

Yo no se porque el website es en Espanol, ni se porque me he completamente olvidado una lengua que... um... yo used to hablar muy bueno. Jesus. Anyway. Via dooce, instructions for looking after baby. Made me laugh out loud. Or have to try very much not to, because it's still not six o'clock. My favorite is "Bonding with Baby." Awesome.


Adam said...

So that's what I was doing wrong!

Are there instructions for how to get the baby out of the dresser drawer?

Allison said...

I have now sent the url to all of my preggie friends. Which is a frightening lot. I found the one on drying the baby most enlightening. Anyone want me to babysit?

brookLyn gaL said...

So hilarious!!!!!!