12 February 2008

The Link You Followed Is Either Outdated, Inaccurate, Or The Server Has Been Instructed Not To Let You Have It.

Things I Do While Waiting Late at Night

  • Cut my nails too short.
  • Read five pages of archives of Alex Balk's Tumblr.
  • Miss Alex Balk.
  • Wish more people were playing Scrabulous.
  • Hit refresh seventeen hundred times.
  • Add this gem from James to my Facebook quotes: "Bunch of skank-ass fags you got for friends."
  • Put pajama pants on under my dress.
  • Wish that pants and dresses together were fashionable.
  • Give up and go to bed.
  • Floss.
  • Refresh one more time.
  • Give up and go to bed.

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