02 February 2008

Read More Plays. Listen to Silly Songs.

Get your daily dose of theatre. The wonderful Rami Metal (hi Rami!) has started a wonderful new blog, Get the Guests, featuring lots of writing by lots of wonderful playwrights. Pieces so far are up by Rami, Adam Szymkowicz, Mark Schultz, and Lucy Thurber. More's coming. (E-mail me or Rami if you want some of that more to be from you.) It's like morning yoga for your theatrical mind.

* * *

For my birthday last month, John gave me (among other wonderful things), a mix full of music I've never heard. I promptly misplaced the CD in my mess of an apartment (misplaced, not lost!), but I also decided that for John's birthday, I'd, among other things, give him a mix of music *he* had never heard. Because I am creative and generous. It's not a "hip" or "impressive" mix (although I'm pretty impressed that I got all these weirdos on one cohesive, well-flowing CD), but I'm very happy with it, and am, in fact, listening to it right now.

1. Fell Down the Stairs - Tilly & the Wall
2. The Sound of Settling - Death Cab for Cutie
3. Jackie, Dressed in Cobras - The New Pornographers
4. The Execution of All Things - Rilo Kiley
5. Stereo - Pavement
6. Easy People - The Nields
7. Lemonade - Wheatus [maybe the best song ever?]
8. Kissing the Lipless - The Shins
9. 12 Bellevue - Kathleen Edwards
10. I Wish I Had an Evil Twin - The Magnetic Fields
11. Michael - Franz Ferdinand
12. Easy To Be Around - Diane Cluck [a gorgeous song I actually was introduced to by Rami, of the first part of this post]
[songs 6-12 sort of tell a little story: there was this really nice, happy, relationship; but then there was lots of bad cheating; and then a Shins song that doesn't make for a coherent story (maybe the protagonist saw Garden State?); but then he got really bad-ass and was all 'fuck this, let's have sex'; but he felt like he wasn't as bad-ass as he wanted to be; then he went to a dance club and got intensely homoerotic; and then he had a new easy, happy relationship, with some lyrical parallels to the first one, but a little darker this time, because he's learned. and also maybe came out in the process, it now seems.]
[songs 1-4 also tell a story. it's called jaime is a slightly peppy emo fourteen-year-old.]
13. The Ocean - Dar Williams
14. Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie - Belle & Sebastian [John actually knew this song. whoops.]
15. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
16. Slow Moves - Jose Gonzalez [the Avril-to-Jose Gonzalez transition is my favorite. because it somehow works. i swear.]
17. Rear Moth - Psapp [do you know Psapp? you should.]
18. Stationary - Susan Werner [ditto for Susan Werner.]
19. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service [have you heard of this Postal Service? that was funny when I thought they were obscure...]
20. Underberg - Gabriel Kahane

Lemme know if you want a copy.


Briel said...

I want a copy!

I've been going around recently asking everyone I know to make me music that I should know but don't...since I don't know any music ever, and it's tragic.

So...me please?

Johnny said...

In some ways, I feel like if this post doesn't get me a boyfriend...nothing will.

anna said...

mee too.

maybe for when i come in march?

Isaac said...

Wow, I love Susan Werner!

Allison said...

Yes please. I get no new music.

don said...

ok, i just got to yr blog via [tos] and i'm sold -- i luv this playlist, never hoid a half the joint, would luv to hear it -- how do i get a copy? hairybeast212@yahoo.com