07 March 2008

2 LEFT! The identify-that-movie-quote frenzy rages on! Sputters towards conclusion! But remains unconcluded! If James weren't above commenting I think we'd be set, but he is not the only hope! (He also hasn't emailed me to prove, quietly, how he knows everything.) Both of these movies are awesome. (And happen to be sentimentally important to me, and important in two of my closest friendships. Or so I thought. Hrmph.)

Update: Allison came through in the comments, and:

And so I did. The original post has been ammended with answers, guessers' names, and sparkling commentary.


Isaac said...

How do you do a screen shot like that?

Jaime said...

[This only goes for PCs. Macs probably have some sparky fairy dust method for what I do in Microsoft fucking Paint.]

Above the insert key, in line with the F keys, is "Print Screen/SysRq." I have no idea what SysRq means, but if you hit Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen, it copies a screen-shot to the clipboard. So then I go into paint (if you want to be less lamely low-tech you could use Photoshop or anything else) and paste it into there. Then I crop it in Microsoft Picture Editor, because I am so high-tech and amazing.

I have no idea why you can't just copy & paste text from gchat like you can with AIM.