31 March 2008

2 Things I Find Very Hot

Congestion pricing passed City Council. Woot! This is so good for so many reasons, mainly environmental and spiritual (as in the city will feel so much better). Anyone complaining needs to shut up. I haven't heard of a single city that instituted congestion pricing without anything other than success - increased revenue and happier cities.

125 Ties/125 Days
. Nick has 125 ties. Nick is wearing each tie once over the next 125 days. Even Nick admits it's stupid to do this over the spring and half of summer, but whatever. On his dozen-odd bow ties: "The clip on bows were all passed on to me from my great Uncle Henry who was also once a tall skinny bachelor living somewhat dorkily in New York." If I saw Nick more than once every two years, this would be even more exciting. I wonder if he will sport a mustache simultaneously.

1 comment:

brookLyn gaL said...

My high school calc teacher had hundreds of ties. You'd never see the same one twice in a school year.