18 March 2008

As I Pause From Inhaling My Dinner

I don't often (ever?) foodblog - though I read a lot of food/recipe blogs and really enjoy cooking, I'm trying to keep this to a minimum of subjects (too late), and what I'm cooking is an easy one to sequester. But right now I am eating a thing that is so delicious, and was so cheap and easy, that I must share. It's a variation on The Amateur Gourmet's Rachel Wharton's Bodega Beans. My version is more Pantry and Left-Overs from Sunday's Reading Beans, but it's still amazingly heavenly for such a simple thing. Behold:

Chop an onion, which you bought on your way home from the gym, and sautée it in olive oil with a spoonful of the minced garlic that lives in a jar in your fridge and a sprinkling of salt. Add (diced) the baby carrots from the post-reading reception's crudités. Once that's all "got some color," aka "is browned in some places, tastily burned in others," chop and add a few spears of green pepper, also from the crudités. Salt well, heat thoroughly, but cooked green peppers are gross, so don't wait too long before you add a can of (drained) pinto beans from the upper reaches of your pantry. Enjoy the small thrill of cooking with organic beans, and bless Whole Foods' occasional cheapness. Add a lot more salt, generous pepper from the grinder your mother insisted on buying you, and more olive oil for good measure. Spoon in a little brown rice from a tupperware in the fridge. Add more salt. Maybe even a little more. Be strong and put half of this in the fridge to be lunched on tomorrow. Enjoy one of the tastiest things you've ever cooked.

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