04 March 2008

Awesome Things

After In Bruges none of us could remember if we'd ever seen Colin Farrell in anything before, but I was sure I'd never seen him in anything good because I was so surprised by how wonderful he was. (On the way home we remembered Phone Booth, which for some reason we'd both seen, and was godawful, and then later the internet reminded me about A Home at the End of the World, godawful in an entirely different way. But read the book.)

The whole movie was fantastic, and we (this is James and me) continue to worship at the altar of Martin McDonagh. For me, actually, it's just now that I devote myself in earnest. (Kate was at the movie, too, but I don't think had seen any of his plays.) Pillowman was, of course, one of the most amazing plays I've ever seen, but Lieutenant of Inishmore was just raucous fun - I was missing the emotional impact of Pillowman or Tracy Letts' operatic violence. In Bruges brought the sentiment (okay, sentimentality) without sacrificing the brutality or humor. The dialogue is playwright dialogue, but I love playwright dialogue, and the cast is amazing. (Colin Farrell's eyebrows deserve their own mention.) (So does Brendan Gleeson.) (And Ralph Fiennes still looks like Voldemort.) As someone totally unqualified to do so, I'll also say the filmmaking is gorgeous. Not sure I've seen such an exciting, funny, scary, moving movie in a long time/ever.

Also, now I kinda wanna visit Bruges.

* * *

Last night I braved a rush hour Penn Station to take the train to Princeton for my first visit ever to McCarter. It's a lovely place, far as I can tell in the dark, and I got to hear some lovely playwrights read from their own work in progress, and hear Susan Werner sing some songs. I also got too (!!!) meet Susan Werner, chat with her for a bit, and hear tantalizing nothings about upcoming projects. Something about a blues project, and, before that, something about a covers project with a string quartet. Oh, and also, she's writing musicals now. (Which is why the hell she was there.) Sigh. My imaginary theatre will totes give her one of our highly sought-after imaginary commissions. As if her songwriting weren't enough, hearing Susan talk about writing songs for theatre, so smart, so thoughtful, gives me great faith that whatever she writes is going to be awesome.


Nick said...

Next time I see you remind me to tell you the story of how Martin drunkenly offered me a position working for him on this film and then completely forgot about it when he was sober.

anna said...

oo oo.

i had a date to see in bruges tonight, but now my friend has a meeting. soon! want to see. and i didn't even realize it was the playwright who did pillowman!