19 March 2008

NYO to Jaime: You're Not a Lesbo, Even Though You Dress Like One (Jaime to NYO: Phew, Thanks)

While I feel a little validated in my jeans & hoodie, in my practical hiking boots on this rainy day, I still think this article is ruh-tarded. Apparently there's this new trend. Of women who, um, wear jeans? And sneakers? And not a ton of makeup. We're called Urbane Tomboys. (And hey, NYO even calls me out - "even if they have a secret love of eyeliner." So glad I'm not disqualified.) I always thought we were called Girls Who Find Jeans Comfortable and Think High Heels Are Instruments of Torture, but that's an awkward title for a Hot New Trend, isn't it. And then they go into this elaborate exploration of why guys might be attracted to a girl in jeans and sneakers. (While making me want to puke with all the talk of how expensive the jeans are, and the designer sneakers, because I guess if it's expensive it's a trend, but if I shop at Old Navy and Target I'm just gayish?) Hint: It's not our personalities. A 29-year-old sculptor from Brooklyn says "It's like looking hot with a handicap." And then dressing "like a guy" is equated with "being one of the guys," and lazy lounging and beer and football. Which some guys do not want! A "painter and illustrator who divides his time between the coasts" says, "I don’t really like myself, so for a girl to be like me just isn’t something I want." For the record, I am not dressing like a guy. I am dressing like a girl in jeans. I am dressing like a person. Or like an angry feminist, but that's just because of this article, not because of my jeans.

[via Gawker]


riese said...

wowwowwow. I love that "feminine clothing" (dresses, heels, et al) are considered to be a gendered norm for women, anything aside from it being "tomboy" or masculine ... rather than recognizing how ridic it is that women have been expected to dress uncomfortably for all of time and how great it is that now we can wear the same ... gender - neutral thing as all people of all genders.

This should be a regular feature, starting with Blogger Wienie Roast to Jaime: You Are a Lesbo.

No but really. Papi. Oh, world.

caitlinmae said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this response. That article almost made me claw my eyes out with its sheer inanity.
Let's not even get into a discussion of why "feminine" clothing is constructed the way it is and what medieval concepts it calls to mind-- footbinding, woman as object, male gaze et. al. What really bothers ME is the rampant insecurity of the male interviewees-- as if every woman wakes up in the morning and dresses to be fucked. Maybe these women are dressing for themselves, and not for you, and honestly don't give a shitif you can't see their boobs and lust after them, and that doesn't make "the Urban Tomboy" a gaymo and it doesn't imply that they don't want male attention, but rather that it should come, as we are equal citizens, on HER terms.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks for finding this--how hilarious!

As a 47 year old dyke, I'm thrilled to discover the way I've dressed all my life is now trendy! Hooray!

The idea that women dressing in anything remotely comfortable is some sort of bold statement cracks me up.

The good thing is, when the trend fades again and the trend-followers reluctantly don their tight skirts and heels, I won't have to. Because I've never given a crap what guys or fashion police think of my jeans and sneakers and sweatshirts.