10 March 2008

Things You Should Know About

[At brunch on Saturday - and I'm saying "brunch" rather than "lunch" because we all had eggs and James had a mimosa, but really because it sounds cooler - I mentioned my upcoming pilgrimage to hear Richard Dawkins speak, and Allison yelled at me for not telling her, since she's the one who gave me his book in the first place, and I was all, dude, I blogged about it, do you not read my blog? And then I realized I saved this as a draft and never posted it. So. Here are some things coming up that are going to be cool, as blogged about last Thursday.]

Atheist Smackdown! That's what we were calling an event that happened last week at work.* It wasn't much of a smackdown, but it was really cool and thoughtful. Perhaps most excitingly, I learned that Richard Dawkins is speaking at the Society for Ethical Culture on Saturday March 15. (Co-sponsored by the Center for Inquiry.) If a bra gets thrown onstage, it's totally not mine. (Ian and I eventually agreed that Christopher Hitchens is much more the bra-throwing-at type.) Dawkins is a smart, smart, awesome, scary man, with about 98% fantastic ideas and 2% unfortunate gaps in logic, but I still love him, and The God Delusion is amazing. I will be there, and you should, too.

Boom! at Ars Nova. I saw the production of this at Brown last summer, and it's a great play. Ars Nova, previously known mostly for the cabaret-type shows that fit so well in their (gorgeous) space, is awesomely branching out into full productions of the exciting new plays they've always developed. (Their Out Loud reading series is kick-ass.) With Boom! at Ars Nova and co-producing From Up Here with MTC, I can only imagine how insane things are in that office right now. Boom! is a weird, smart, funny, sweet, exciting play. I like adjectives a lot. It plays through April 13th.

(Can we just revisit the fact that in a week I am going to be in the same room as Richard Dawkins? Maybe I will throw my bra...)

Opera for You! This fall I wrote about City Opera's awesome Opera-For-All program, wherein $25 front orchestra tickets are sold in advance (the week of performance - still beats standing in line), and about how awesome this program is, for making opera accessible, something that can be tried out without shelling out three hundred bucks, or something that people who aren't rich (and might be young and, I dunno, the future audiences of the arts?) can get into. And as City Opera's spring season commences, I am happy to write about it again. So! Opera-For-All! Tickets can be purchased in advance starting at 10am each Monday for the week ahead, either online or by phone. You can also sign up for text messagey reminders, which I did when it included entry into some contest, but was mostly more annoying than helpful, especially since I didn't win. I'm seeing King Arthur on Friday, and will (probably) report back on that, unless it sucks or I get lazy. [Obvs, I wrote this before I saw King Arthur this past Friday, but now it's Monday. I'll just say now that the choreography was amazing, and that whole thing about how the New York State Theatre was built to muffle thudding ballet feet from the stage is totally true, because it's a deathtrap for sound. But still, yay opera and dancing.]

So! Atheists? Check. Theatre? Check. Dancey opera that comes in under two hours? Check and check. What are you waiting for?

*In planning for the spring: Feminist Smackdown. Or Fat Activist Smackdown. Or, probably, a little of both.


Nick said...

Fat Activist = Fativist

Adam said...

Hey, don't forget $15 tickets to the Family Circle at the Metropolitan Opera. The Family Circle is real far away, but has the best acoustics in the space. And in the few instances where fights have broken out over a singer at the Met, it has almost always been in the Family Circle. And you can buy as far ahead of time as you want. Also, dude, Mary Zimmerman at the Met!

Nice post, Jaime. I'm posting something loverly about you on my theater's blog this week.