18 March 2008

will.i.am, Get Out of My Head

isaac: did you read obama's speech yet?
me: i'm half way through.
isaac: what are you doing talking to me!
go read it!
me: okay! off to read and hope!

Here is the full text of Obama's speech from earlier today. It is the closest to a Jed Bartlet speech I've ever encountered in the real world. And, honestly, what else would I want? This is a smart, thoughtful, honest, moving, specific speech. For my grandfather, the paragraph about Israel. For me, connecting anger in the black community to anger among working-class whites, in an elegant, eloquent, powerful transition. Around 2/3rds of the way through, Isaac asked if I was teary. "No, I'm hopeful." And, though I still think the Yes We Can video is gay, it was true. By the end I had chills and maybe was a little teary, too. Not just because the speech was amazing, but because I'd wanted to be convinced,* and, for now, finally am.

(Did you know he's Irish? Via Wonkette, duh.)

*My dad wrote back to my email - "If you haven't heard it or read it already, here's the full text. I wasn't convinced before this." - asking, "Convinced of what?" So in case you thought I meant "convinced that black people aren't evil" or "convinced that Darwin was right," I mean that, at least for now, this speech has me feeling convinced that Barack O'Bama is the right person to vote for for President. (Of the United States. In Novemeber. This year. In case any of that was foggy.)

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OMG Bartlett!