23 April 2008

Cheap(er) Tickets

Remember how I loved From Up Here? And then I was like, "There are $25 student tix, but other than that you're fucked"? Well, thankfully, I was wrong. In addition to $25 tickets that can be bought one hour before the show with student ID, MTC has an under-30 program! The other day I realized I only have five more years of these sorts of cheap tickets (except at Primary Stages, where the arbitrary cut-off is 35), and most of my friends have even less. But youth is wasted on the young, or something, so:

Sign up for MTC's 30 Under 30 club (free - they just want your email address) and get $30 tickets to all MTC productions (this seems to include Broadway). In a nice twist on the formula, one under-30 ID buys two tickets, so if you're 29-and-eleven-months and have no younger friends, you don't have to go alone.

If you're old you can get $45 tickets, or $40 to Wednesday matinees, by using code 3771 when buying online, or ANV2 in-person or on the phone.

These tickets are, it seems to be worth mentioning, $75 at full price. Do with that what you will.

(The student tickets and 30 Under 30 deal also apply to The Four of Us, which I also rather loved. Without being young or a student, you can get $40 tickets here.)

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Susan said...

I know all the theaters want to get the "young" audience, but man... it sucks in this town to be: 34, poor (i.e., working at a nonprofit), and interested in seeing lots of theater. Even $45 is tough to see a play that I've heard good things about, but I'm not DYING to see, when there's about 12 other shows I feel the same way about right now. And I work at a theater that hardly has any discounts for anyone who is not a student or under 30, and I can't get them to do anything about this, either.

I just want cheap theater tickets! I'm poor and not young and not old! Help!