15 April 2008


Sunday night was indeed the restorative of vegan mac & cheese and Strawberry Açaí (I swear) Smirnoff Ice I needed to cap off the weekend. My world continued to be shaken, though, when, for the first time ever, I found myself enjoying watching hockey. Luckily, a few years ago I found myself pleasantly settled into the zen of televised golf, so nothing really shocks me after that.

Other things:

Happy 100th episode to Mythbusters. I adore this show very much. If you don't watch it, you totally should. (Says the girl with no TV.) It's smart, funny, there's a hot boy and a pretty girl (who I totally think are doing it), and there's also (separately!) a near-perfect model of James' and my relationship. (There's also Grant.) The Onion AV Club has a great interview with Jamie and Adam (Jamie is James, I'm Adam, btw), but damn, those are some obnoxious commenters. Makes me appreciate Gawker.

Also! Speaking of! Congratulations to Wonkette, striking out on their own. They don't need no stinking Gawker empire. Seriously, I love Wonkette. Ken Layne's drinking games are an inspiration to us all.

And also! Speaking of! Congratulations to Krista of Stumptuous, striking out on her own, as in making Stumptuous a full-time thing. I think I've written of my love of this comprehensive weight-lifting-and-awesomeness website before. "Strong women are cool! Every straight boy should want one!" Even if you're not a lady, check out the site. It is why I lift weights, which is why I like the gym, etc etc etc.

Mythbusters, Wonkette, and Stumptuous adds up to a particular kind of dorkdom, kinda nerdy-butch, don't they. I don't know if the large yellow picture of boobs up there helps.

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