25 April 2008

Garnering At Least Three Gasps Or Other Exclamations of Surprise Or Impressedness

This past Easter I must have sent Allison at least five emails with links to various Cadbury Creme Egg things, including YouTube videos of various harms coming to the gooey confections. The eggs are a favorite of hers, and are maybe one of the few things one can love and so enjoy watching be destroyed. So it's for Allison that I post this amazing video. [via, as all the Creme Egg stuff seems to be, Serious Eats]

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Allison said...

Oh Jaime, you just made my day. That was amazing. I cannot believe how much time and effort had to go into that. I have to say, there is something missing here in the tone -- not quite the same whimsy as the suicidal eggs -- but oh, thank you.

However, my boss did just walk into my office while I had my headphones on watching a video of someone elaborately smashing a creme egg. I tried to explain, I'm not sure it helped.

And yes, you can love creme eggs and love their destructions. According to Ray Bradbury (an expert on the subject!) if you love something so completely, your only option is to destroy it. "The Lighthouse," one of my alltime favorite short stories.

Anyway, thank you.