29 April 2008

"Least likely to: Set a child on fire."

isaac: btw: did you see the Guardian thing about ARMS?
arms? like my friend todd's band?

the suspense
it is killing me

And yes! It is! Arms is my friend Todd, and this is the Guardian article that says, "There's truly not a bad song on here. Kids Aflame rocks, shudders, weeps, and smiles as you reach to hit 'play' again." What the hell is Kids Aflame? "They're a kind of werewolf-like being: kids that have been set on fire, and set other kids on fire, infecting them." It's also Arms' new album, coming out June 8th. Which I learned from a British newspaper's website.

I really do love Todd's music, as the article and his songs' subsequent stuckness in my head reminded me. The article has some good descriptions of what it sounds like, but this here myspace page has the music up for listening.

(Also, today is Todd's birthday. Happy birthday, Todd!)

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anna said...

brown university, indie-rocker breeding ground! (i even like these tracks)