25 April 2008

Sage Words, For Serious

Moe, she of Jezebel and the Observer article about girls who don't dress girly (featured in it, not responsible for its writing), continues to be awesome with 25 Things All Women Should Learn to Do Already. For example:

Tell the truth.
I can't make it tonight. I have a date. I'm interested in your ex-boyfriend. When you cheated on your husband it really disturbed me. You should maybe look into taking responsibility for your actions. "I would like to put a hit out on your therapist." It's not easy.


Have a sincere intellectual conversation with a fellow female.
Talk about post-structuralism, not in the context of The Hills. Talk about the war with someone you aren't trying to fuck.


Be alone.
If you're bored, you may be on some level boring. Of course, we all are. Why do you want to hang out with your boring friends anyway? There are a lot of unboring people who have dedicated their lives to making books and movies and videogames to keep you happy.

The whole thing is definitely worth a read, and at least a metaphorical taping to your imaginary fridge/mirror/cubicle wall.

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