26 April 2008

Satyagrawesome. Satyamazing. Satyagreat-ha. I Could Go On.

I will hopefully probably write a real post about it later* but in case you're waiting to hear from me so you can make plans for next week, yes, Satyagraha is amazing. The music is surprisingly gorgeous, the performances are mostly stunning, and the theatre! the pupepts! the design! and the direction! at an opera!! When I say that Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch (director and designer respectively, and Artistic Directors of Improbable) are the most amazing theatre-makers I've ever seen, I am not kidding, and Satyagraha did nothing but make me feel even surer that these men own my first-born. Should they want it. No pressure. But I think my child would make a brilliant puppeteer.

those are puppets, not static set. and this is hardly the coolest moment in the show! not even top-five!

So. How're you gonna see this? I don't know if I could handle 3 1/2 hours of standing room (which is mostly the only option left) even for something like this. (It doesn't feel long, but mostly because time moves differently in Philip Glass/Phelim McDermott world.) But hey, don't let me stop you. You could also try the Met's $20 rush. There are performances this Monday and Thursday (though Thursday seems to lack Richard Croft as Gandhi, which is a damn shame). I've only been looking forward to this for the last thirteen months. And it did not disappoint.

*My blog being reference one that Improbable should hire me. Because fawning is the way to go? Whatever.

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