01 April 2008

Someone Might Take Me Seriously

What do Nico Muhly, Hilary Hahn, and I have in common? Other than my two friends who work in classical music, who allow me to know how illustrious their company is? We're co-bloggers. That's right, the young stars of the classical music world and I, along with some other intimidating stars of the arts universe, are blogging for the National Performing Arts Convention. The NPAC blog kicks off today with a well-worn rant thoughtful essay by yours truly on how I love seeing theatre for cheap the value of discounting tickets to build new audiences and support new work. Read it here, and bookmark/subscribe to the blog for weekly posts from composers, artists, performers, critics, and other people who inspire me to endlessly self-deprecate.

If you're coming here via the NPAC blog, welcome! Here are some previous posts of mine you might find relevant:
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Here are some things that aren't topical, but might be fun:
NYO to Jaime: You're Not a Lesbo, Even Though You Dress Like One (Jaime to NYO: Phew, Thanks)
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