03 April 2008

Story of My Life

Last night, Tie Fighter Nick and I went to opening night of the Gen Art film festival and after-party. (Sponsored by Acura! And Johnny Walker! Johnny Walker sours!! Wait, what?) Highlights: I lost my cell phone; we left as Jeff Perry was walking in.

* * *

[I called the restaurant where the party was, and although I couldn't ID my phone by remembering the backdrop picture - a boat that I like to think is the Clearwater Sloop, which I took a picture of from pier 84 - I know my own phone number and was able to prove my ownership by calling. I will be picking it up tonight. Phew.]

* * *

At dinner Monday with a smart, funny, attractive, mostly-homosexual dear friend, much conversation was devoted to how dating completely sucks (with a small foray into how we'd both probably have it easier if we liked chicks - he'd get married, I'd cut my hair short). And then the fortune cookies came.

Mine: You will be wise not to seek too much from others.
His: Stop looking for happiness. It is right next to you.

Look, I don't need my fortune cookies telling me to fuck it, give up and settle into a sexless marriage of convenience, okay? The rest of my life is getting that message across just well enough without fucking Confucius chiming in.


riese said...

that second fortune convinced my parents not to get divorced in 1991 (my Dad got it, he was sitting next to my Mom), and then I got it last May and it seemed fateful I should stay with my girlfriend at the time who was sitting next to me. Now I'm starting to feel like they're mass producing that particular fortune to a level I might deem "out of control." I mean, the wording differs slightly ("Stop looking, the happiness you seek is right next to you" was the intergenerational fortune we received)

Moxie said...

Hey, I was there at the Gen Art screening! I didn't see you, though.