13 April 2008

Things to Be Filed Away For Future Boy-Impressing Purposes, Or So I'm Told

It's been a slightly ridiculous weekend. I'm in the middle of a workweek-disregarding stretch of meetings where I'm some vague thing between dramaturg and babysitter, but even as coffee-fetcher they're meetings I'm excited to be in. Which I have to remember when I'm lamenting not going to the gym yesterday or not having cooked for a couple of weeks, and really having no food for tomorrow. But even around these chunks of hours taken up in my weekend afternoons (by very awesome meetings that I am excited to be in), it's been pretty crazy.

Friday night I saw Hostage Song at the Kraine, and walking up Second Avenue after the show, the farther I got from the play, the more I liked it. It's not an easy play - it's about hostages - and I think the second half worked better for me than the first, but the second half really worked. It's much more a play with music than a musical, but that worked for me. (And meant I got to hear a lot of Abe Goldfarb's beautiful singing.) The story was told in a really interesting way, by its own rules. For me, a big driving force, and what made the second half gel so well, was the way subtext and small physical moments built the tension so beautifully. (The structure contributed, too, obvs.) I went from thinking this is good, but I'm not actually into it for the first twenty minutes to being pretty riveted by silence and stillness before it was done. Hannah Cheek's fearless performance reaffirms my belief that I must start seeing what The Debate Society does. Hannah Cheek, who is not the Hannah of The Debate Society - that's castmate Hannah Bos, who was also wonderful and has gorgeous hair - gives a fearless performance, and apparently was on both Undressed and The West Wing, which is amazing. Oh, also, by the by, I met Duncan Sheik. Always go places with people who have worked at the Atlantic.

Then yesterday was an intense double-header. (Well, triple, since I had five-plus hours of this meeting at work first, which made the transition from office to street surprisingly jarring.) First I saw From Up Here at MTC (also produced with Ars Nova, which I will keep mentioning because it is important), which I loved and which deserves its own post, so I will do that later. Like Hostage Song, but in an entirely different way, a beautifully- and carefully-structured play, and just generally wonderful. I went from there and the old-people world of MTC to some hip place in the East Village (with an interlude of seeing people I know but who are awesome theatre people in the way that still makes me go, huh, I guess I *am* in this world) for an event slightly mindfucky in its own worlds-colliding way: a CD release post-concert party/concert for/by violinist (and NPAC blogger!) Hilary Hahn. So we're in this hip but not too chic bar, and on stage this insanely good and rather famous (I'm told) violinist who just played a fancy concert at the Met (the museum) and looks like the girl who sits next to you in class and she's joined by a succession of indie and folk musicians (including Gabe Kahane, whom I was too sick to see at Joe's Pub last week), and she plays with them on their songs, and then sometimes she convinces them (Gabe) to sight-read some very complicated classical music, and then she also plays some solo pieces which is like, oh, hey, I'm gonna pull this thing out of my back pocket, she's very casual about it which just highlights the superhuman things she can do, superhumanly technical and also beautiful things, and then you're standing in some bar on Avenue A thinking, This is something to remember. If my life has me standing here right now, if my day was the day that it was, that's not too bad.

And then, because I have invested in Lactaid pills, I was able to have 4am pizza, which was almost the highlight of the whole night.

A person can only take so much fantastic in one weekend, but tonight I will be (a few days late) watching the return of "The Office" and this week's "The Tudors" at James' apartment, which is an entirely different kind of thing than the jetsetting-between-the-different-worlds-all-in-this-city of last night, but I need some restorative Easy Mac and TV.

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Abe said...

You know what? That was a really sweet thing to say. I'm delighted you enjoyed the show (we're all pretty damn proud of it), and very touched at your remark. Thanks.