29 April 2008

Transcontinental Appeal

My dear friend Jarrod lives, for some crazy reason, in San Francisco, and is a member of (and lighting designer for) Crowded Fire Theater Company. They make theatre that "is committed to building a better world through difficult art" and, in Jarrod's words, "I think frequently we manage to make something touching and beautiful to boot."

That's a mission that's hard to beat, and if I ever get my ass to San Fransisco, I hope to see their work. But Crowded Fire needs help, before I manage save my pennies for a plane ticket. (Pennies I may have to repurpose.) Again, from Jarrod's email:

Crowded Fire's going through a rough financial patch - it's getting very expensive to do high quality small-scale theater. Also, we just found out that Actor's Equity has kicked us up to the next contract level, which means that the budget of each show is going to be that much pricier.
Jarrod is a top-notch artist (and person), so I ask you to take my word (and his) that this is theatre worth supporting, worth keeping alive. Each company member is looking to raise $250 - if they each meet that goal, that's 5% of the company's annual budget. Please, if you can, go here and adopt Jarrod by making a donation. (I mean, he's a preschool teacher/grad student/lighting designer - how much more adoptable can a person get?) If every person who reads my blog donates-- okay, this isn't about my nearly double-digit readership. It's about supporting small, good theatre, helping it continue to exist. If you can, please do.

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Jarrod said...

Thank you, Jaime.
And all you other folks, I'm sure you're super. Thank y'all too.