08 April 2008

Vineyard Theatre 08-09

A little while back there was a kerfuffle on a few other blogs about "significant" playwrights under the (arbitrary, unless it's to grandfather in 34-year-old Sarah Ruhl) age of 35. It got me thinking about "significant," as opposed to "good" or "talented" or "heavily-produced," and while I didn't go so far as to compile a list, if I had one, Tarell McCraney (I don't know how old he is) would be one of the first names on it. So I'm very excited to see that the Vineyard is producing a new play of his next season. (The McCarter is also producing *three* of his plays, that trilogy thing that isn't a trilogy - The Brother/Sister Plays - next year.) According to Playbill:

Wig Out! follows "the story of two competing 'houses' of drag queens, and the loyalties and dreams which pull their members together and apart," according to a release. "The play is a deeply human and moving story set in a world that is larger-than-life."
Which is not the quiet power and fable-infused storytelling of the Brother/Sister plays. Or maybe it is. But I'm excited to see what this world is like. I know two of the Brother/Sister Plays, and they're extraordinary. The language and form and storytelling are so different from anything else I know. It's rare and exciting to encounter a writer who feels so new and potentially important.

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