30 April 2008

"Wait, He *Is* Your Cousin?" or: Then... BAM. God.

me: so how was miami?
kate: aaaaamazing. i feel so much better
me: oh good
kate: oh man
funny story for you!
i met this guy
very cute. very sweet. moving to NY in june
guess what's wrong with him.
me: gay?
kate: NOPE!
very much no.
me: is your cousin?
kate: no no
me: wait, he *is* your cousin?
kate: ha no
i was laughing at that
me: thought so
so what was it?
kate: he's moving with a couple friends to new york because he felt that "god called them to start a church in gramercy park."
me: ha!
that's amazing.
convert him!

kate: we were having a great conversation
he was totally into me. i was diggin it.
then... BAM. god.
i'm totally going to try to convert him. it won't be that hard. he'll get chased by his first knife-wielding hobo in the park and he'll come running to the darker side.
me: awesome
kate: it's clear that he's TOTALLY freaked out about new york. so i gave him my number just so he could, like, call someone.
he's going to, like, step off the plane and be like "OH MAN I GOTTA CALL KATE RIGHT NOW"


Mark S. said...

Does she *really* mean Gramercy Park? Much more apt to be chased by an aging Anglican matron with highlights muttering and cursing that the salad forks weren't chilled for the Bishop's visit.

Ah but the Lord works in mysterious ways.


Jaime said...

Mark, are you really questioning this boy's revelation? Mysterious ways, indeed.

Rocco said...

Seriously though. Gramercy Park is a gated park. They don't even let christians in if they don't have a gramercy address.

There was some incident a few years back where a valid keyholder brought in a group of urban youths and pandimonium broke out. The police were called. I can't find a link though.