22 April 2008

Why Write Five Short Posts When I Could Just Throw Them All In Here?

Happy Earth Day!!1 I'm paying the price for being a dirty hippie with a rockin sinus headache that seems to be cured only by Cherry Coke Zero - the irony abounds - but I and we will soldier on! With a probably disjointed blog post for your enjoyment. Enjoy.

* * *

I took yesterday off of work as comp time for the straight-through meetings of last weekend, timing it to come after the not-actually-days-off weekend of Passover. (And it's a good thing. My Stepfather: Well, if any of you have seen August: Osage County, then you'd think this wasn't too bad.) Turns out it was the best day off of work ever, because rather than taking care of the errands and apartment cleaning I had planned, I answered the call for volunteers to help with puppet construction for the upcoming Jollyship the Whiz-Bang show (starting at Ars Nova May 7!). Being madly enamored of puppet theatre, and having that secret shameful history with the pirate stuff, I was very excited to happen to have taken off work when volunteers were needed. For starters, I took the J train for the first time ever. (Well, actually for starters I took the D uptown from 59th St by force of habit, but then, three transfers later, I took the J.) Then I spent eight hours painting puppets and sanding down their faces and listening to music and having a pretty wonderful time.

* * *

Before venturing out to Brooklyn, and this is a testament to the greatness of the puppet hours that the whole day was counted as amazing, I went to the dermatologist to have another beauty mark potential future someday cancer spot cut off. This time I got stitches and a ridiculously big bandage. Hot. Wear your motherfucking sunscreen!

* * *

Broadway.com: Jenn Harris & Sarah Saltzberg to Play Britney Spears and Tara Reid Off-Broadway Okay, so, yeah, my good friend from college wrote a play about Britney Spears, and these two awesome ladies, two of the funniest actresses I've ever seen on stage, plus the equally-awesome Patch Darragh, are gonna be in it. What? I'm still getting used to this whole thing. The play's amazing title: Girls Day, Or Britney and Tara Stare into the Void and the Void Stares Back. The play's amazing writer: Steven Levenson. (Hi Steven.) The friend not at all surprised but nonetheless all wha? by her insanely talented friend's seemingly-sudden superstardom: me. The person who has possibly suspect standards for what constitutes superstardom: me, again.

* * *

Most mornings I hear a commercial for In the Heights while listening to the radio. The lyric goes something like this: The elevated train by my window doesn't faze me anymore. Which is all well and good, except the elevated train is in Inwood, not Washington Heights. Washington Heights: where this play is set. Inwood: where I live; where In the Heights writer Lin Manuel Miranda grew up. Unless the girl singing lives at, like, 197th, which is arguably Inwood already anyway, this is a big load of crap, and not a genius enough lyric to have been allowed to let slide. But then, Lin Manuel Miranda was quite possibly the only person around who'd ever set foot above 110th St, so who knows.

* * *

So, Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate? Aside from pretending that my dimmed desk light is ecological rather than headache-ical, I'm eating vegetarian (not eating a vegetarian), using fluorescent light bulbs, taking mass transit, composting, and using reusable shopping bags. Okay, those are things I do anyway. Aren't I impressively virtuous? Please stop gagging. The point is actually that if a lazy ho like me can do these things, maybe you can, too. (I'm not actually pushing vegetarianism. But if you eat meat, you can do it humanely and ecologically.) The composting is the only bit that takes any effort, that effort being keeping food waste (mostly vegetable trimmings) in a plastic bag (reuse!) in my freezer, and when my freezer gets full of said bags, taking them to the Union Square Greenmarket. And as 99% of Manhattan residents live closer to Union Square than I do, this isn't actually that hard.

All I'm saying is that it's easy to take some small, relatively powerful steps to do less damage. To counteract the fact that your office apparently needs to turn on the AC once the outside temperature hits 60.


anna said...

actually, if you're not a vegetarian, you can still make a huge environmental impact by eating less pork and beef:


also, hooray for steven!

brookLyn gaL said...

Do you post on ATC? I recall seeing the Elevated Train lyric discussed recently there. :)