09 April 2008

Yes! I *Do* Wanna Be On Top! Please? or: Tyra Giveth, But Mostly, Tyra Taketh Away

I am actually at home on a Wednesday at 8pm. Okay, I've been home all day, sicky sick, but that's beside the point. Or maybe it's exactly the point, because after a day of NPR and Mythbusters-on-the-internet (sweet jesus I have missed that show), I moved my TV from where it's supposed to be to an on-its-side bookshelf next to the cable plug (I haven't gotten an extension cable yet) and settled in to watch "America's Next Top Model." Since being cable-less means being DVR-less, I've been making due with grainy YouTube ANTM since August, so this was going to be a treat. I have tea. I just ate an entire red pepper, because they have a lot of Vitamin C. And I am ready for some actually-watchable ANTM. And it's a fucking clip show.

(Picture courtesy of fourfour. Duh. More here.)

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