10 May 2008

Coming Soon... On the Set of Rent?

Don't worry, I am leaving my apartment soon. But in the meantime, this morning I became the last theatre dork to watch the trailer for Hamlet 2. And it looks SO GOOD OMG. Okay, it looks really good and funny. Maybe not worth the all-caps. But Skylar Astin is sporting my favorite haircut boy can have. And the movie looks great beyond that.

(If the YouTube video dies, you can watch the trailer here.)


anna said...

not sure i'll be racing to this one. but! the video and your title put me in mind again of how much you need to see sling & arrows - the third season musical (secondary plot line after the king lear production) is a fabulous, mean send-up of rent.

Johnny said...

Mamma Mia? Sex and the City? Fuck em. This is THE movie event of the summer.

Midnight opening it'll be, a big gay gaggle of big gay and almost-gay us-types, at the Ziegfeld. Fo sho.

(PS: Slings and Arrows! SEE!)