15 May 2008

Dang, Those Pirates Is Cute

[Google searches for Jollyship seem to be bringing folks to this page. It's a lovely page, but if you want to read what I wrote after seeing the show, go here or here. For everything I've written about Jollyship - getting to be a frightening lot - here. For me talking about how the cast/band is cute, read on.]

A few weeks ago I spent a day in Brooklyn painting puppets for Ars Nova's current show, Jollyship the Whiz-Bang. And here, along with Jollyship co-creator and co-performer Nick Jones, you can see one of those puppets... In black and white, with his lovingly painted arms covered by, um, a tunic.

But here you can see him, okay, still in the tunic, but in full lovely color. He matches the paint on my jeans!

Also in this picture (click to enlarge, to print to tape up in your locker) is the band/cast of Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, giving you another reason to see the show, as if motherfucking pirates and puppets* weren't enough. Fuck it, five more reasons! Or one if you like girls. Cause these pirate puppeteer rockers are some good-looking young people.

Jollyship the Whiz-Bang started performances last night (I think), and is playing at Ars Nova. I will report back once I've actually seen it next week, but everyone else (trustworthy people that they are) already says it's funny and awesome. And, again, to review: Pirates. Puppets. Good-looking young people. Go!

*From Ars Nova's website: For Mature Audiences. This is not a kid’s puppet show. Pirates are known to invoke mature themes.

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