21 May 2008

Dude, It's Me and an Etch-a-Sketch Over Here

The funny thing about being "self-taught" in Photoshop is that these little caution icons can show up next to each text item and you're like, huh, good thing I probably don't have to edit those any more.

But I do love this futzing, and mostly sorta know what I'm doing. This will be an elegant back-of-the-postcard when I'm done with it.

Damn well better be, since it's going on the flip side of this:

Isn't that sexy? Of course, someone else designed it. But I'm doing some very chic text-arranging for the back. I picked a pretty font.

So far, associate producing has involved making the back of the postcard, reading a book about truthiness, and, Monday night, going to the first rehearsal. If people think it's half as funny as we did at the read-through, this is going to be brilliant. Future associate producing duties will include hopefully making it to more rehearsals; outreach to atheist/secular organizations and industry people; and actually telling Isaac what I learned from the book about truthiness. There's something about the catch-all-ness of producing I really enjoy, the doing what needs to be done, which, luckily, like superbasic Photoshop, are often things I (sorta) know how to do and like doing. I may have projects coming up that are less catch-all and more all, projects that finally force me to be the organizational money person, and not the flighty artistic producer girl, but that's probably a good thing, too.

But for now, just playing with fonts and background colors. And, when I come up for air, finding comfort in this:

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Tina-cious.com said...

Just last nite, I sat in bed thumping away on my laptop and turned to the wife and said...

"Wife, I sure do love me some Photoshop!" :D

I love your design! Very nice!

And I love the title! LOL