09 May 2008

Good Things Other People Wrote

Slate has a vegetarian manifesto I can wholeheartedly agree with. "Believe me, if obtaining bacon didn't require slaughtering a pig, I'd have a BLT in each hand right now with a bacon layer cake waiting in the fridge for dessert." Mmm, bacon layer cake.

With this post, Riese reaffirms her place as a blogger of literary merit. "There are 50 ways to leave your lover, 50 more ways to say "fuck you," 50 trees falling in your silent forest-mind (sorry, tree)."

The commenters of Jezebel got a weird-but-nice write-up in the Times last weekend. If you've got some time to spare, try out the 470 comments on this post. To steal someone else's response, "No matter where you stand on the spectrum of sexual activity, you can let out a nice long sigh and say Wow - I'm not alone." In general, Jezebel is a bang-up site. I'm not just saying that because I have an email out to Moe Tkacik about doing a talkback at work.

Speaking of bloggers I want to do talkbacks, Feministing has coverage of this really chilling story: "Melissa Bruen was sexually assaulted on the University of Connecticut campus while a group of men cheered. Even more distressing is that the assault was retribution for fighting back against another man who was assaulting her." Bruen said, "
A small crowd had gathered, mostly men. Now they seemed shocked. I was supposed to have been a victim, and I was breaking out of the mold. I hit him in the stomach, while clenching my legs around him to prevent another man from pushing me off. In all, it took three men to pull me off my assailant." It's an outrageous, awful story, but a must-read. (You can read about it at Jezebel here.)

Also at Feministing, on a lighter (or at least funnier) note, this.

Three recent awesome posts at the blog for the play formerly known as Atheist Viagra. (A blog for which I'm maybe supposed to be writing?)
1, Dan (playwright) walks us through the template for a host desecration story, the inspiration for the play. (Basically, replace the evil Jew with the evil atheist and add a lot of dirty jokes.) As a recovering medieval theatre nerd, I probably find this especially interesting, but I think other people will find it cool, too.
2, Dan shows and responds to a really vile Dane Cook joke/story about an atheist. It's vile not because it's unfunny, but because it's... well, whatever the equivalent of racist or antisemitic is for atheists. It also hews eerily close to the host desecration framework.
3, Director Isaac writes up the problem of bad atheists, and why Stalin and Mao are crappy examples in any argument about religion.

Basically, Stalin and Mao are to atheism as obnoxious proselytizing psycho-hippies are to vegetarianism. And with that I bring things full-circle and sign off.

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