07 May 2008

I Am Finally Aware of This Happening Before It's Too Late

St. Ann's Warehouse presents
Great Small Works
8th International Toy Theater Festival

& Temporary Toy Theater Museum
May 23 - 31

I always seem to open an email (or Time Out) to learn that some brilliant puppet theatre piece has just passed me by, or there's some festival that costs $800 and I'm living on rice and beans. But this is plenty of advance notice, and because I'm living on rice and beans, I'll be able to afford a ticket or two. There are six different programs, plus workshops, a cabaret, and two symposia. I'm very bummed that I don't think I can make SYMPOSIUM I: New Dramaturgies: Puppetry, Video, and the Miniature without skipping my dad's Memorial Day BBQ/Marriage Celebration. But I am seriously torn.

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