24 May 2008

"If Evil Wasn't Funny Then We'd All Be Holy Sons"

I don't know if a show has made me miss performing as much as Jollyship the Whiz-Bang last night. That's a tricky question, and one I should probably spend some time thinking about, but the simple thing to say about it that is it's because the show was so much fun, and the performers looked like they were having a freaking fantastic time. (Overheard: "You mean I get to be in a rock band and the muppets??" Yes you do, and I am jealous.)

I'd been hearing about this show/band for a long time, and, yes, spent a day painting some of the puppets (that get the crap beat out of them nightly, and could really use a new coat, poor dears), so expectations and investment were high. A quick review: What do I love? Puppets. What do I have an odd affinity for and history with? Pirates. Put them together and a high bar is set.

And was it met? I have to say: yes. Aside from one gorgeously intricate little set piece, this wasn't the miniature artistry of some of the other great puppet theatre I've seen. It was rough and messy. The puppets are a mishmash of styles - a green-skinned guy from Bali, a clown, a wrinkly old man, a crab. And it was completely fucking awesome. Funny, surprising, clever, actually moving (for about ten seconds, but that's all you really want), and, eight-year-old in the audience be damned, very dirty. The music rocked, such that I really wished I were standing at a club rather than bobbing my head and tapping my toe sitting down. You can hear some of the songs (though they rock harder live) here. I may or may not be singing along with them as I write this.

Before intermission I was already thinking about how I could come back to see this again. It wasn't the finest art, the most watertight (ha!) dramaturgy, the in-tune-est singing, but it was the most fun theatre/music/art/whatever I've seen in a long, long time. Even without a predisposition for pirate puppet rock theatre, I think you'll love it. If you don't already think a boy playing accordion is sexy, this will change your mind.

Tickets are $25, which is totally worth it, and with code BB575 you can get $5 off. Get tickets here.

But seriously, don't bring kids. Puppets is obscene.

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anna said...

sigh. if you ever hear of any of these fabulous things coming out to la, you are obligated to alert me swiftly.