01 May 2008

If I Ever Wished My Work Computer Had Speakers; If My Employers Ever Needed a Reason To Be Grateful That They Don't

Adam points out this wonderful and almost unbearably nostalgia-inducing collection of the Top 50 Sesame Street Moments. (Glaringly omitted is the "Are You a Wasteroo?" video, which seems to still not have made it to the internet.)

It's amazing how many of these I remember. Have I even thought of "It is I, Captain Vegetable, with my carrot and my celery" since I was seven? Can I still sing the song? Other favorites: Here is Your Life with Guy Smiley: A Loaf of Bread; Martian Cutie; I Got a New Way to Walk (now stuck in my head); Muppet News Flash: Old MacDonald Had a Spaceship. This nostalgia-fest is amplified by learning that "Things I Remember," the sappy, beautiful song about Bert & Ernie's friendship, was Sesame Street songwriter Jeff Moss's farewell to the show. Waaaa.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

You had to tell me about the Sesame Street thing? Just what I need, another lost afternoon glued to my laptop... must resist, must resist!

Well, maybe just a quick peek...