27 May 2008

The Only Thing Reading 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' and 'Cry, the Beloved Country' in Senior Year English Has Ever Been Good For

Adam points the way to this list of 1001 Novels to Read Before Dying. Obvs, first thing to do, go through and count how many you've read. For me, 54 55 [I missed The Radiant Way]. It's funny how weighted that is to the first chunk, even the 2000s versus the latest end of the 1900s. Next thing to do - go through and finding all the ones I want to read. If you've got the stamina to go through the whole list, leave your number in the comments.


Johnny said...

64 at first glance.

But I think I should get double points for the ones I read in the original Latin.

Briefly, where the fuck is:

Another Country
Anything else by Kerouac (Burroughs gets THAT many?)
Zorba the Greek
East of Eden (Cannery Row makes it but East of Eden doesn't??)

But high fives for no Ayn Rand!

Briel said...


at least my english major was good for something-ish.

Anonymous said...

68, plus two I never finished in middle school (Frankenstein and Jane Eyre).

Adam said...

To continue kvetching...

Everything Don Delilo(!) and Milan Kundera ever wrote, but neither of Cortázar's novels on a list that's supposed to describe the development of the novel?

The Nose and A Modest Proposal are novels now?

Also, I feel thoroughly inadequate hanging out in the 40s while y'all are rockin' 60ish. I feel only like 66% adequate right now.

brookLyn gaL said...

Actually, I was upset about the lack of Ayn Rand!

Anyway, I was at first embarrassed by how few of these I've read until I remembered that I am very well-read and shouldn't hold much stock in random lists. :)

Anonymous said...

70. i think 50 of those in high school... wohoo to new england prep schools.

Allison said...

Um... 86. Apparently, I've had a lot of time on my hands.