23 May 2008

Plans for Your Tuesday

A post that is not just a video or links to someone else's stuff! How exciting!

Tonight I'm going to Ars Nova to finally see Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, the pirate puppet rock show of mature adult content. Adam saw it last night and loved it. I'm very excited.

In thinking about tonight's trek to the far west side, I remembered another upcoming Ars Nova event that I've been meaning to tell you about.

Gabe Kahane
, the wonderful art-song/pop-music singer/songwriter about whom I have blogged enough times that it's ridiculous he doesn't have his own tag,* is playing at Ars Nova this Tuesday. I know, this is very little advance notice. But lately it seems that I'm the only person who makes plans more than a day in advance, so you're all probably free.

And you should go! Gabe has a new album coming soon, which Henry Stram, as my world continues to be so weirdly interconnected, tells me is amazing. There will be a lot of new stuff at this show, half-- You know what? Let's let Ars Nova's website do the talking:

Singer, pianist and composer Gabriel Kahane (Craigslistlieder**) defies classification through his vibrant, emotionally resonant and deeply accessible work. Armed with astounding technical virtuosity and an intensely deep gift for writing, Kahane is at the forefront of a generation of musicians who find their voices, outlets and audiences in unexpected and exciting places. In an unforgettable evening of adventurous new songs, Kahane will be joined on stage by yMusic Collective members, Rob Moose, Carmen Camerieri, Hideaki Aomori, Alex Sopp, Nadia Sirota and Mike Block, who perform and tour individually with Antony and the Johnsons, Sufjan Stevens, The National, Rufus Wainwright, Yo-Yo Ma and The New York Philharmonic.

Maybe "deeply accessible" is a phrase that can't possibly actually mean anything, but otherwise, I'm with them on this. Gabe's songs shade into artsy new-music world, but as someone who really should have failed that music theory class in college, I can vouch that they're never too artsy or too intellectual. It's more like a bonus if you know what you're hearing. And if "twelve tone" means nothing to you, don't fret. The music is beautiful, the lyrics are damned good, and Gabe's always fun to watch. Rob Moose, who plays with Gabe's band (which is not this band, in a way I'm a bit confused about) is also like the wayward lovechild of John Lennon and... my friend Todd. So how's that for a description that only makes sense to, like, two of you. Take that, "deeply accessible"!

I make no sense. Gabe's music is good. See it.

*So I made one. And you can go through there to find the disclosure about how we went to college together but seriously I really like his music and wouldn't blog about him if I didn't and blah blah blah.
**That's his song cycle that's setting of craigslist posts, including this one. And this one.

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