21 May 2008

Quick Hit: Anyone Else Only Learn to Consistently Spell "Misogyny" Correctly Thanks to This Primary?

Despite the fact that they ignored my invitations to do a talkback (post-show discussion) at work, I still love Jezebel. Usually it's for Pot Psychology. (Lately also this feature.) Right now it's for this.

Some of us, of course, are little sick of talking about sexism vis a vis Hillary, because we already try to read everything we can find on the subject. When Anna asked me to synthesize today's Los Angeles Times and Washington Post post-mortems on the topic, I sort of rolled my eyes, until she pointed out that while we try to be constantly on the lookout for it, misogyny isn't something that comes up in every day conversation for most Americans.

Read the whole (not-too-long) thing here.

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Anonymous said...

thank you. THANK you. for brining pot psychology into my life. i'm so very in love.