13 May 2008

Who Was I Kidding That I Wouldn't Post About the Tony Nominations? (Sorry, Whom)

As I sink deeper and deeper into the seedy world of off-Broadway theatre, I care less and less about the Tonys. I think I've seen two new musicals this year. A handful of the plays, sure, but it's hard to get wrapped up in it when I have no idea who should win.

Okay, in the plays, August: Osage County should win.

But damn they still know how to get me worked up. I was expecting to get to be disappointed for The Farnsworth Invention, which was unfairly dismissed by too many people. I'd hoped they'd get a best play nomination, but whatever. I really wanted Jimmi Simpson to get nominated, but, again, I'm not unspeakably shocked. Not because he didn't deserve it, but because apparently people are stupid. And sure enough, Farnsworth got snubbed.

But then as I was reading the list of nominees, I gasped out loud, and I'm still pissed off. Because due to what I can only imagine is complete idiocy, Top Girls didn't get nominated for Best Revival, and Martha Plimpton (admittedly good) is its only acting nomination.


Seriously, not even for that set?

I'm breaking up with the Tonys.

It's a shame, cause the Obies and Lortel Awards just don't have the same magic.

This is bullshit.

I mean, yeah, I'm still gonna watch the things. And I've known for years they don't really mean anything. But there have been some beautiful moments. Avenue Q's win was like confirmation for all of us wanting to make great, weird theatre that Broadway isn't a lost cause.

I was all excited to use this photo today, for the Tony noms:

But now I feel more like this:

Okay, fine. This, too:

James wants me to do a video-blog ("vlog") of my anger. If I did it would be three seconds long. Here is the script: Hey, Tony Awards. Fuuuuuck you.


Mark said...

You should start doing that -- like Feministing's "Friday Feminist Fuck You", which I love. Well, I mainly love it when Jessica does it, because everyone else sounds awkward saying it.

Isaac said...


ted said...

its been a while since ive caught up on your blog. but yes yes yes! the cat photo says it all about nominations.

hope ur well!