16 June 2008

Back to My Regular Substantive Blogging!

I'm back. Denver was great. I'm exhausted.

The Paula Vogel writing workshop did not involve writing, but was three hours of awesomeness. From Paula herself: she will be working closely with the Yale dramaturgy MFAs.

Bill Rauch's speech about theatre and community made me cry. If I had run into him the rest of the conference, I may have asked to be tucked into his suitcase to go back to Oregon with him to make theatre. Probably for the best that didn't happen.

The Tonys were fine. Mark Rylance is my hero. Let's have a moment of silence for the nominations and wins of which Top Girls was robbed.

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Also, Passing Strange should have won more awards. (she says not having seen In the Heights.) Where is the Xanadu love? At the Williamsburg Tony party last night.

Also love for: Lily Tomlin's 'homage' to strutty Marisa Tomei.

Williamsburg and Inwood are very far away.


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