23 June 2008

The Fag Hag Doth Protest Too Much

For those of you following along in the sidebar or wondering what I'm hiding in my lap while I'm on the subway, yes, I am reading this:

That's right. Swish: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever. But let me explain.

I don't even remember how this got added to my library requests. I'm sure I read something about/from it online, thought, That sounds neat, and headed to the NYPL website. Click, click, and then I wait for it to be available. What baffled me when I picked the book up from the library was why I thought That sounds neat and not I wouldn't be caught dead. Yes, I work in theatre and tend to be friends with a lot of the gays, but they're just guys who happen to like other guys, not capital-g Gay. I don't like equating femininity and certain (annoying from any gender) mannerisms with sexual preference any more than I think they have to go along with being female. There was something about the book - the big pink font, maybe? - that made me wonder what the hell I was thinking.

I still can't remember, but whatever it was, I'm glad. Not at all the queeny queenathon I was fearing, this is a book of sweet, honest, funny essays that use author Joel Derfner's fagarific history (knitting, cheerleading, casual sex) as a jumping off point for writing about love, loneliness, neuroses, and, okay, knitting and cheerleading and casual sex. I'm not half way through yet so it's too early to decide more, but I'm really enjoying this book. (I also want to give Joel Derfner a big hug.) I just wish that reading it on the bus in Inwood didn't make me worry about getting beaten up.


Joel Derfner said...

You have exquisite taste.

Jaime said...

As do you, sir, in blogs.